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Ambidextrous Charging Handle

TacOps-CQB Charging Handle

July 13, 2017
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MechArmor Defense TacOps-CQB- For M4/AR15

  • TacOps-CQB- For M4/AR15
  • The original ambidextrous charging handle.
  • The only charging handle awarded the NTOA Gold Seal of Testing & Recommendation!
  • Endurance tested by Colt Defense to 10,000 rounds, with 0% failure and hardly a scratch to the coating
  • Listed on Colt’s exclusive Preferred Vendors List!
  • The best, most reliable ambidextrous charging handle design on the market.
  • Made in USA
  • Patented

The MechArmor Defense Systems TacOps Charging Handle is the original ambidextrous charging handle. It’s the best, most reliable ambidextrous charging handle design on the market.

TacOps Charging Handles provides better mechanical advantage for weapon reliability, ease of use, and easy access for charging your weapons…including use with optics and even gloved hands.

TacOps Charging Handles are fully ambidextrous, and (unlike nearly all other after-thought designs and models) provide an ambidextrous design WITHOUT adding any additional moving parts, springs, pins, or cantilevers. It also has a larger T-handle area for ease of use under all conditions. That is why the TacOps design is the best and most reliable on the market, making it “soldier-proof” and with attention-free function and reliability.

TacOps-CQB Charging Handle- For M4/AR15

The TacOps-CQB was designed at the request of U.S. Army & Naval Special Operations members in 2012. The operators tested and loved the TacOps-1 Original charging handle, but for their small M4 rifles didn’t see the need for it to be the same width. The TacOps-CQB is 1/2” narrower overall across the T-handle than the TacOps-1 Original Charging Handle for the M4/AR15 variants. All else remains the same in the original NTOA award winning design.

As proven by the U.S. Military Special Forces Operators and SWAT Teams nationwide using TacOps Charging Handles, and receiving the highest honor Gold Seal from the National Tactical Officers Association of America (NTOA), the TacOps Line continues to be the most effective ambidextrous combat innovation specifically designed for the platform in many years. It’s not just another accessory, but a well thought out design that dramatically changes and enhances the way a soldier, Law Enforcement officer or sport shooter uses their weapon with or without with optics onboard. Special Editions Available from MechArmor Defense Systems.

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