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Special Ops Gun Belt

SuperBio Gun Belts Now Available!

September 11, 2017
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Unbelievably tough CCW holster belt! Customers love this tactical belt! The best selling polymer gun belt on the market. Internal webbing stiffens your rig to give absolutely no stretch, sag, or fold-over, making this the strongest tactical belt you will ever own. High-strength hi-tech polymer leather-like texture with an internal integrated polyester webbing that resists water, sweat, dirt, oil, chemicals and is easy to clean and stronger than natural leather.

  • Water, Oil, Chemical, Sweat and Dirt Resistant
  • 6000 PSI high tensile strength
  • Flexible in all temperatures
  • FDA Skin Sensitivity Compliant
  • SuperBio® gun belts are trademarked, designed, manufactured, and sold exclusively by Daltech Force in the USA.


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