People's Guide to The U.S. Constitution

The People’s Guide To The United States Constitution

July 13, 2017
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The People’s Guide To The United States Constitution

  • Sold over 14,000 copies
  • The only book of its kind
  • Safeguard your freedom with this easy-to-read guide to knowing the Constitution
  • Read America’s founding documents easily in just a few hours
  • The Declaration of Independence, U.S. Constitution & Bill of Rights
  • Made in the USA

Criminal bureaucrats, politicians, bankers and super-corporations are “legislating” our Constitutional Rights away, bit by bit. It isn’t just the 2nd Amendment under attack— it’s the entire American way of life. That’s why it’s important for EVERYONE to not only KNOW, but UNDERSTAND their rights.

The People’s Guide To The United States Constitution, educates as to what your rights really are, so that we may better protect them. We must, through education, protect what has made our country the greatest on Earth. This paperback edition covers an education of the Constitution with no agenda to the left or the right. It only seeks to educate what it actually says.

All unusual words are defined, so readers can read straight through with a real understanding. The People’s Guide To The United States Constitution is the only version on that defines the words as you go so there is no misunderstanding. Readers will understand their rights, and also proper governmental functions as provided by The Constitution.

Special Editions can be Available.

“I receive dozens of books, publications and manuscripts like this on a weekly basis and it’s difficult for me to take a look at each one of them. However, I have taken the time to go over your book and found it very well done. I already have used it for reference…I appreciate very much the effort that you have put into this publication.” – Ron Paul

About The Manufacturer

Writing without political bias, Dave penned The People’s Guide to the United States Constitution with the simple goal of helping today’s Americans easily read the Constitution in its original form and thereby achieve a true understanding without the aid of interpretations. Dave now promotes broader understanding of the Constitution through speaking engagements and seminars, creates study guides for educators and self-study, and writes articles on Constitutional controversies.

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