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gun magnet review

Gun Magnet Review

July 24, 2017
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The WAVE of Gun Magnets

After seeing a bunch of the gun magnets now on the market, I started to look into them as a fad at first, but then realized that these were actually becoming a legitimate accessory. That there is so many of these things now, is a testament to their usability. If they didn’t work, the fad would have ended by now. At least, you would think so. Since I have owned and checked out a few of these, I like them and they actually do serve a purpose. When I first purchased one, I could not find a standalone gun magnet review- only online store reviews.

With the explosion of new gun buyers over the last 8 years (thanks Obama and company), gun accessory options have also exploded with options galore. Some of these fit into the “fad” category, some just don’t have a practical purpose (for me, anyway), but some of them are quite ingenuitive.

The Gun Magnet Review

I checked into a few of the major models, but the one I settled on was the AZ Industries version- The Gun Magnet. However, this was not the first one I paid for. But after buying a few, and using them all, the one I stuck with was The Gun Magnet. Here is my gun magnet review on the AZ Industries version-

25lb gun magnet

How it showed up in the package.

Made right here at home

This was not for sale when I first bought a gun magnet, otherwise I probably would have bought this one first, for the reason that it says Made in the USA. Yep, I’m one of those- I like me my Made in America. Especially when it comes to my firearms equipment…well, as much as possible. You know how it goes. But I do like that this one is Made in the USA.

gun magnet made in USA

What’s in the package.


It “feels” different. As I expect with Made In America products, The Gun Magnet feels better quality. My other ones, though they work, feel cheaper and low quality. This one does not. It feels high quality, looks high quality and it is high quality especially when I compare it to other models. This does not feel like “Made in China.” The rubberized coating feels thick, and protects my firearms from any scratching.


It is strong- advertising a minimum of 25 pounds of holding force. I am not a magnet pro, but 25 pounds is WAY MORE than enough for anything I have. And since I do not own a solid gold-plated Desert Eagle .50 AE, I don’t even think I need a full 25 pounds. But I do own a full size Mossberg shotgun and it holds that! I wouldn’t use only one of any kind magnet to hold my long guns – I would use two, just because. Safety and such…

gun magnet review

Holding a Walther PPQ M2 with a loaded magazine.


Most of the 25 pound gun magnets I see are pretty small. But now there are larger ones that are longer, wider or different shapes (some are obnoxious in my opinion- one able to hold 48 lbs? At a certain point someone is gonna get pinched bad with those. Hell, 25 lbs is strong!). The variety definitely has expanded since I first looked into these. For the space that I use mine, small was the way to go so The Gun Magnet fit perfectly. For a car, if I decide to do that in the future, I may use one that has the length of a slide for more surface area.

Gun Spin

I have not personally had this experience, but I have read it in a gun magnet review on Amazon- where a rounder model gun magnet “spun” putting the user in a potentially dangerous position. Yeah, no thanks. Even if it were urban myth in the product reviews, I don’t want this possibility. The Gun Magnet, still retaining it’s small size, is elongated, eliminating the possibility of gun spin.


I do not have mine in the truck, I know some do- I’ve seen the pics. Squads, cars, truck. Pretty nice. But in-vehicle I mainly carry on the body. Mine is mounted on the inside wall of a closet- out of sight, but easily accessible. I saw a picture of one under a nightstand which I thought was a good idea, too, as long as you don’t have any kiddies around (I would assume anyone reading this has common sense in gun safety 101).


I have tried this on a shotgun, my polymer (we all have one), a little snub-nose revolver (aluminum alloy), and a few others. What I have found, is that if it has iron- The Gun Magnet will hold it. Not bad. It does have a disclaimer on the website, but I did not experience any lessened holding force (it references 400 Series Stainless). I couldn’t measure it if I did, but it worked for me.

Holding an unloaded Mossberg. I would still use 2 for long guns…


This one is a little more expensive than the other ones that are advertised also as “25 pounders,” but as a firm believer in “you get what you pay for,” the additional price didn’t bother me. I have blown WAY more money on things I never used (I know I am the only one, right? With our drawers full of holsters…). This one is far better quality and I bet this thing lasts me forever.


For $25 bucks, you can’t go wrong. They also include in the packaging everything I needed to mount it. I like it- it’s simple, functional and it’s American. Thanks for reading my gun magnet review and hope it helps you if you’ve been looking into these, too!


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