Level III Body Armor Plates

EXO-Defense Resister-3 Level III Body Armor Plates

July 13, 2017
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Exo-Defense Resister Series Level III Body Armor

  • The Exo-Defense Resister Series Level III Body Armor plates are cutting edge, ballistic technology.
  • Exo-Defense Resister brand is your best life-saving value available bar none!
  • Super-light plates that afford the lightest, most comfortable protection in a Stand-Alone Rifle & Pistol threat mitigation plate.
  • Multi-Shot Rated
  • Meets U.S. NIJ Standard–0101.06.

High-Power Rifle Rated. These Level III Body Armor plates are the highest-end rifle threat protection for the best price. Compare the competition at $750-1100 per plate! The Resister-3 Series is your best life-saving value available!

The OuterArmor Resister-3 (R3) body armor plate is cutting edge, ballistic technology. A 2.6 lb, super-light, Level-III Stand-Alone plate that affords you the lightest, most comfortable Protection in a Stand-Alone Rifle & Pistol threat mitigation plate.

  • Plate size is 10 x 12 x 0.75″
  • TOTAL weight  2.6  lbs each
  • Multi-shot and rifle rated, light enough for women and kids
  • Meets U.S. NIJ Standard–0101.06. Please visit mfr. site for more info.

Resister-3PE Series Level III plates will not defeat Armor Piercing Rifle rounds! If you require A/P mitigation, please see Resister-4 Series.

About The Manufacturer

OuterArmor Tactical’s designer knows a thing or two about metallic plate armor from Up-Armoring vehicles and redoubt locations. He was contacted and tasked by the U.S Army’s (JIEDTF) between 2004 and 2009 to design and manufacture a new Top-Gunner turret system for the Humvee, Rhino trucks, and Stryker combat vehicles that would more fully protect our soldiers. He designed (by special request) other equipment and accessories currently in use by the U.S. Military Special Forces Operators and SWAT. www.outerarmortactical.com.

Please visit the manufacturer website for more technical specs, certifications, standards and ballistics at OuterArmorTactical.com.

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