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belly band

Elastic Carry Belly Bands & Ankle Holsters

September 7, 2017
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Elastic Carry Belly Bands & Ankle Holsters

  • Flexible, comfortable elastic concealment holster
  • Easy to wear, feels comfortable and secure all day
  • Great for running and other activities that require more movement
  • Choose spandex lining if you’re wearing against bare skin for comfort
  • We use military grade materials for the ultimate support
  • 1” wide restraining strap is sewn in for secure carry

We are the leader in belly band holsters with configurations for one or two guns and many options to configure a rig for your particular needs. Made on-sight in our Daltech Force production area, our belly bands feature the latest high-strength, heavy duty elastic materials and Velcro®. We custom manufacture our elastic waist holster in 4″ or 6″ widths and a variety of colors and materials to fit personal requirements.

From citizen carry to law enforcement you can trust the hand quality and double stitched features. Our belly bands fit the need for a very secure SafestCarry® holster that brings the gun close into your body and offers a high degree of deep concealed carry. Choose small/medium, or large gun pockets or mix-and-match on our two gun belly band. All belly bands come in sizes Small through 5XL and producing larger sizes is not a problem. All our gun belly band holsters can be customized with up to 4 mag holders. Great mid-section support and does not roll over – great for tactical and other activities that require more movement.

Experience the versatility of holstering several gun sizes in one holster and the ability to turn the Daltech Force belly band to any position around your waist. Lifetime warranty against frayed or torn stitching – just send it back to us and we will repair for free and ship it back to you no charge. We warranty and service all our products. We are gun and shooting people and we know the ins and outs of using our own products. We are not just a reseller or a copycat manufacturer.

All Daltech Force products provide a premium USA made highly functional product at a sensible price point. Well suited for everyday concealed carry, law enforcement, and specific military uses.

For wholesale purchasing only. Please fill out the info below and someone will contact you ASAP.

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