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September 7, 2017
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  • Smooth, Clean, No-Nonsense Look
  • Single layer design will never split or come apart
  • BULLBELT® gun belt is trademarked, designed, manufactured, and sold exclusively by Daltech Force in the USA.
  • Made thick and perfect for CCW

One of our Top sellers for CCW and a great no-frills look. The BULLBELT® brand gun belt is 100% USA manufactured and made from premium USA bull hide full-grain solid leather. Thick USA bull hide leather is the ultimate gun belt. Premium USA bullhide leather that is not glued, laminated, or stitched together. No fillers, no glue, No Bull. It will never split or come apart. Our ultimate thickness gun belts are 15-17 oz. We shoot for 16 oz, which is approximately 1/4″ thick, but with natural hides some are slightly thinner or thicker.

– 1.5″ Width
– 9 holes at 3/4″ Spacing
– Heavy Duty Elongated Quiet Roller Buckle
– Chicago Screws for changeable buckle
– 15-17 oz Thick
– Exclusive BULLBELT® Design

We always use the highest USA leather. We warranty and service all our products. We are gun and shooting people and we know the ins and outs of using our own products. We are not just a reseller or a copycat manufacturer.

All Daltech Force products provide a premium USA made highly functional product at a sensible price point. Well suited for everyday concealed carry, law enforcement, and specific military uses.

For wholesale purchasing only. Please fill out the info below and someone will contact you ASAP.

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